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Frequently Asked Questions


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 01  When is the 5K? 


The Chicago Chinatown 5K and Youth Run™ occurs every year on the second Saturday in July! In 2019 the race will be on on July 13. We hope to see you there! 




 02  What happens if it rains on the day of? 

The race will go on! ... unless there is lightning. In the event of a lightning sighting, the race will discontinue and/or be cancelled. All entries are non-refundable, regardless of weather. 




 03  Can I get a booth in the square? 

If you are a vendor and would like to promote your business in the Square on the day of, please contact Anita at for more details. 




 04  How do I get to Chinatown? (Best mode of transportation(s))

TRAIN: We recommend taking the train on the day of. Chinatown is conveniently located right off of the Red Line at Cermack- Chinatown. 

BUS: If you prefer taking the bus, you can take the 62 bus and exit at Archer + Wentworth. 

CAR: If you are driving from the north side, take I-90/94 and exit off of 18th street. Head EAST on 18th Street and make a right on Wentworth Ave.

If you are driving from the south side, take I-90/94 and exit off of 22nd street. Head NORTH onto Wentworth Ave. and make a left onto Archer Ave. 

[Sidenote: If you plan to park in Chinatown on the day of, please be sure not to park on the streets where the race is taking place! Also, meter parking begins at 8 A.M.] 


 05  Can I purchase a previous year's shirt? Can I exchange my shirt size? 

YES! However, inventory from previous years differ from year to year, and supplies are limited. We can offer the designs from previous years; however, please keep in mind specific sizes and designs might not match your specific preferences. We do not back order previous designs.

Typically, we try to honor your order on your registration and order you the size you indicated on your form. On the day of the race, after the race, we can try to exchange your size, provided there are extra supplies. ​

 06  I am unable to make it on the day of the race! Can my friend run in my place?

While we are saddened to hear that you will not be able to join us on the day of, you MAY NOT transfer your registration to another runner. Chicago Chinatown 5K and Youth Run is not responsible and/ or liable for unregistered runners. 

 07  Are there medals for each age category?

Due to our small race size, we are unable to provide individualized medals for each age category. However, we do provide medals for the overall top three fastest times for males and females. Medals are also awarded for every finisher at the end of the race. 

 08   Is there a spot I can leave my belongings at? (Is there a gear check?) 

YES!!! We have a tent dedicated to storing your gear (items!) However, Chicago Chinatown 5K and Youth Run is neither responsible nor liable for any items lost/ stolen/ destroyed and/or left behind. 

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